The Pentagon’s F-35 Fighter Jet — Carbon Culprit

Reduce Pentagon Carbon Emissions

The dog days of summer are upon us — and the record high temperatures killing hundreds in the Pacific Northwest and bringing 118 degree heat to Siberia serve as a harbinger of even hotter, more dangerous days unless we address the elephant in the room.

The Pentagon.

As the largest institutional consumer of oil and, therefore, largest U.S. …

Our Democratic congressional delegation can either rubber stamp a dangerous escalation of the nuclear arms race that pushes us to the brink of world annihilation or in the interest of human survival reject President Biden’s suggested appropriation of billions of dollars for nuclear rearmament.

To date, few have questioned President Biden’s recommended down payment on the $1.7 …

Peace group CODEPINK is relieved to hear that Mike Morell has withdrawn his name from consideration to become director of the CIA under the incoming Biden administration. CODEPINK has been opposing his nomination for months, including just releasing a letter from torture survivors and their advocates urging President-elect Biden not to nominate Morell. Morell, a CIA analyst under Bush and both Deputy and Acting CIA Director under Obama, defended the CIA torture during the Bush-era, invoking the euphemism “enhanced interrogation” practices to describe waterboarding, physical beatings, sleep deprivation, stress positions, and sexual humiliation.

“Mike Morell’s appointment would have been a…

It was painful enough to live through the U.S invasion of Iraq that caused untold devastation and human misery for no justifiable reason.

Now we are again reminded of the grim Bush legacy with President-elect Biden’s nomination of Avril Haines for Director of National Intelligence. Haines, who has an inside-the-beltway reputation for being nice and soft spoken, was a little too nice to CIA agents who hacked the computers of Senate Intelligence Committee investigators looking into the CIA use of torture–waterboarding, sleep deprivation, hypothermia, rectal feeding, whippings, sexual humiliation–at prisons in Guatanamo and Afghanistan during the Bush War on Terror.

As survivors of torture and their advocates, we urge President-elect Biden not to nominate Mike Morell for CIA Director and ask the Senate not to approve Biden’s nominee Avril Haine as Director of National Intelligence.

Both Morell and Haines have troubling records on torture — a form of violence with lingering effects: anxiety, stress, physical and psychological trauma. We know because we have lived this nightmare, either personally or as advocates of survivors forever haunted by past torture.

We believe that the record of Morell and Haines disqualifies them from directing intelligence agencies. Their appointment would undermine the rule of…

(submitted to the Biden for President campaign on 8/10/20)

As delegates to the 2020 Democratic National Convention, we urge you, the presumptive nominee for President, to ensure your top foreign policy advisors have a track record for advocating and implementing diplomatic solutions rather than disastrous military interventions involving invasions, occupations, torture and drone attacks.

We understand that your most trusted foreign policy advisors include former White House aides who have demonstrated poor judgment on national security issues:

• Antony Blinken, your longtime Senate foreign policy aide and former Deputy National Security Advisor, crafted your support for the horrific Iraq invasion…

DNC Delegates to Congress: Cut off military aid when Israel Annexes Jordan Valley

As DNC delegates to the 2020 Democratic National Convention, we fully support efforts to withhold $3.8 billion in military aid to Israel as it unilaterally annexes the Israeli-occupied Jordan Valley, which includes the Dead Sea basin, extends 10 miles into the West Bank and forms the border between Jordan to the east, and Israel and the West Bank to the west.

Please support Representatives Jayapal (D-WA), Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY), McCullum (D-Minn.),Tlaib (D-Mich.), Omar (D-Minn.) and other members of the Congressional Progressive Caucus, who are calling on the U.S…

2020 DNC Foreign Policy Platform Plank Submission 2020

PRINCIPLED LEADERSHIP (insert on pg. 43)

When America leads, it must advocate for peace and equitable prosperity because all people deserve to live in dignity, their human rights respected. We believe protecting rights and opportunities for women and girls is essential for security, societal stability and long-term economic growth. Providing access to education and employment for young people and safeguarding the rights of minorities and marginalized people is important to the foundation of any just nation. …

(UCLA Ackerman Union, March 3, 2020. Students wait 2–3 hours to vote.)

LA County Supervisors: My Letter Urging Return to Paper Ballots

Dear County Supervisors Hahn, Kuehl, Solis, Ridley-Thomas and Barger:

Thank you for your anticipated investigation into the multiple challenges on Super Tuesday, with voters waiting 2–4 hours, some even longer, to vote and massive provisionals distributed, even to a student who showed proof of registration. I am attaching relevant photos of stacks of provisionals,

Marcy Winograd

Co-Founder, Progressive Caucus, California Democratic Party; blogger at LA Progressive

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